Transforming Chaos Into Opportunity

Conversation with business coach Cassie Cope

Social media is flooded with sentiments of gratitude in the wake of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing. R.B.G. radically changed the world for women and championed rights many of us can’t afford to live without. We are indebted to and emboldened by Justice Ginsburg. Fortunately, more women are taking charge of change.

Two days prior to R.B.G.’s passing, we spoke with online marketing guru, Cassie Cope. Her innate and irrepressible hunger to lead makes playing by the book — one that’s too often written by men — undesirable. Cassie’s mission is to support service-based women entrepreneurs in the creative process of turning dreams into businesses. Ten years ago, Cassie cut her teeth in the entertainment and hospitality industry, and, until recently, she successfully ran a $17M entertainment district. She’s worked with a handful of recording artists (including Shaquille O’Neal), managed 250+ campaigns, and multiple 10K+ person events. Sounds glamorous, huh? Her friends thought so too. But Cassie was overworked, burnt out, and emotionally depleted — the results of navigating bureaucracy, ageism, and sexism on the daily.

“My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.” — Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Cassie never intended to change course; everything changed when 90% of her company was laid off in the early months of the pandemic. The obvious immediate reaction: 24hrs of hysteria. The resolution: transform chaos into opportunity and start a business. Anyone can wake up and start a business, but successful execution demands a level of mental strength and stamina that few are able to sustain. Cassie believes the key is to learn how to hold space for yourself and others. To do so, she’s sought out experiences and completed mindset training that enables her to enmesh deep personal meaning and business. When her clients are stressed or have mental blocks, she “helps them get out of their own way.” Recalibration is particularly useful for women who have internalized belief systems that disempower women from taking charge. We must be our own leaders before leading others.

A lack of representation of women in leadership positions — and the intense scrutiny of those who are — perpetuates the stereotype that men are natural leaders, not women. Conforming to this dichotomy is an attack against individuality that hurts all humans — and exactly why Cassie doesn’t just support her clients in being successful “women” entrepreneurs. Rather, she treats them as individuals seeking to break free from restrictive gender norms. In a world filled with online marketers, she believes that “if you want to stand out, you’ve got to embrace who you are.” Her intention is to help clients optimize their unique potential by consistently showing up wholeheartedly. For those who are unsure how to approach social media with such vulnerability, Cassie suggests sharing behind-the-scenes content to authenticate your personal brand voice, while urging people to discover opportunity in chaos.

“So often in life, things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great, good fortune.” — Ruth Bader Ginsburg



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